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Here you can find answers to simple doubts like login,register etc.

I registered at the forum and I can login at the forum but not here.Why?

This is because you havent submitted/shared a file with us.As soon as you have submitted your website file you will be able to login.

Why cant I see any website files submitted by others?

This is because you are not logged in.Try logging in and then you will be able to see.

What is the difference between webmaster place site and forum?

The forum is for disscussion between webmasters and the main site is for sharing your files and adding other webmaster's file to your site.

Can I remove the links in the code?

No you are not allowed to remove the links from the code.

How can I contact a webmaster here?

You can contact a webmaster here by going to the forum first and click on his profile after you have logged in there click on contact tab shown near the friends tab.Then press this Send private message button.

How can sharing my file help my site?

After you share your file here we will place a link to your site along with the code.When users click the link they will be redirected to your site.

If your site is really popular then you can put interesing files like a register form.Users will put that registeration form on their site and you will get more users this way.
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